Failure factories

In their own words: The teachers

The Tampa Bay Times interviewed three teachers on camera for Part 3 of our series on Pinellas County resegregation, talking about what it was like to teach in some of the St. Petersburg elementary schools that became nearly all black after the school board voted to end integration.


Oct. 20, 2015

Things begin to change

They took their children out. It was not just white parents but black parents. They just said they did not feel it was safe anymore.

Mary Anna Matthews taught in Campbell Park Elementary School for 23 years.

Bad behavior

I had a couple of students that would sometimes throw a table.

Myrna Starling taught at Maximo Elementary School for more than 25 years.

Kristen Yeckley taught at Maximo Elementary School for 5 years. She served briefly as a behavior specialist at Maximo.

Stress and Burn Out

You can only be in a situation so long like that before burning out as a teacher.

Who’s to blame

We are basically destroying futures here.

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