Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco took over in 2011 and set out to transform the Sheriff’s Office into a cutting-edge data-driven machine. The result is an intelligence operation that monitors, intimidates and harasses families across the county.

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The response: Here’s what the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office had to say about our September investigation

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Jan. 19, 2021: Congressman urges federal probe of Pasco school data program

“This use of student records goes against the letter and the spirit of (the federal student privacy law) and risks subjecting students, especially Black and Latino students, to excessive law enforcement interactions and stigmatization,” he said.

Jan. 19, 2021: Pasco law enforcement needs more oversight, community groups say

Activists in Pasco County are renewing calls for a citizen board to review allegations of police misconduct following a Tampa Bay Times investigation into the Sheriff’s Office’s use of data in policing.

Dec. 19, 2020: Privacy nonprofit: Pasco sheriff’s use of student data breaks federal law, school district contracts

A national digital privacy think tank said the Pasco Sheriff’s Office and Pasco County schools must immediately change a program that uses student data to identify potential future criminals to comply with federal law.

Dec. 15, 2020: Pasco superintendent defends sharing data with sheriff, as teachers object

The comments followed a Times investigation that revealed the Sheriff’s Office was using grades to compile a list of kids at-risk of becoming criminals. “People post stuff to the internet,” he said.

Dec. 11, 2020: Pasco PTA: Use of school data to flag potential criminals ‘unacceptable’

Pasco County parents and teachers are calling for changes to a secretive Sheriff’s Office program that uses student data to profile schoolchildren as potential future criminals, with some demanding the practice be stopped entirely.

Dec. 11, 2020: What Pasco’s elected school leaders say about the sheriff’s use of student data

Times reporters asked the district and school board members for comment multiple times about the secret Sheriff’s Office program that identifies potential criminals using student data. Here is what they said.

Dec. 5, 2020: Public interest groups take aim at Pasco sheriff’s data-driven policing programs

One public interest law firm has sent mailers, looking for plaintiffs for a potential lawsuit against the policing agency. Several prominent civil rights groups are weighing legal action and public advocacy campaigns. The moves will bring a new level of scrutiny to Sheriff Chris Nocco’s intelligence-led policing initiative, which has grown for almost a decade with little notice or oversight.

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