How coronavirus is spreading in Florida

ICU beds filled
ICU capacity
Hospital Beds filled
Hospital capacity
April 1June 1Aug. 1Oct. 1Dec. 1 050100150200250
Average new deaths per day, past week
April 1June 1Aug. 1Oct. 1Dec. 1 010,00020,00030,000
Average new cases per day, past week
5.0e+05.0e+15.0e+25.0e+35.0e+45.0e+5 5.0e+01.0e+15.0e+11.0e+25.0e+21.0e+35.0e+31.0e+45.0e+41.0e+55.0e+51.0e+6
Daily new cases by total cases, rolling weekly average on a logarithmic scale

Total cases, rolling weekly mean

Daily new cases, rolling weekly mean

April 1June 1Aug. 1Oct. 1Dec. 1 020,00040,00060,00080,000100,000
Average new tests per day, past week
May 1July 1Sept. 1Nov. 1Jan. 1 0.0%20.0%40.0%60.0%80.0%100.0%
Percent ICU beds filled, rolling weekly average
May 1July 1Sept. 1Nov. 1Jan. 1 02,0004,0006,000
Available ICU beds and total ICU beds, rolling weekly average
May 1July 1Sept. 1Nov. 1Jan. 1 0.0%20.0%40.0%60.0%80.0%100.0%
Percent hospital beds filled, rolling weekly average
May 1July 1Sept. 1Nov. 1Jan. 1 020,00040,00060,000
Available beds and total staffed beds, rolling weekly average

Update Jan. 21, 2021: Earlier versions of this interactive included charts showing test positivity rates for Florida and individual counties. The rates had been calculated from the total numbers of people testing positive and negative, the only type of testing data published in the state Department of Health's online databases. As more people get repeat tests, the figure has become less useful, and has diverged with those in public reports, which track the positivity rate on an individual day.

Over the past week, the number of new coronavirus deaths in Florida has been going up.

The state is currently averaging 172.3 new deaths per day. By Wednesday, a total of 24,965 people had died.

In total, 1,601,011 people have tested positive for the coronavirus — 7,773 per 100,000 residents, or 1 in every 13 people. A total of 9,707,310 coronavirus test results have been recorded.

See how many people have been vaccinated in Florida, and other states, here.

You can find your county, city or zip code. Below, you can see which parts of the state are experiencing spikes.

Find your county, city, zip code or hospital

Try searching for Hillsborough, St. Petersburg, 33612, Memorial Hospital of Tampa, or Tampa Bay.

The death rate by county

Here are the counties with the most deaths per resident over the last week. The dates mark when the death was announced, rather than when the person died.


Coronavirus’ spread in specific regions

The state is releasing results by county and zip code. By looking at groups of the zip codes, we were able to calculate coronavirus statistics for specific cities and other well-known areas around Florida.


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