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Investigative reporting is the most expensive — and important — work we do. But we can’t do it without our readers’ support.


Why your support matters

Our investigative reporting has prompted new laws, sparked state and federal probes and ended wasteful programs. Since 2010, investigations by the Times have been honored with three Pulitzer Prizes.

Investigative reporting takes persistence. We pore through thousands of documents and rows of data. We travel, but it’s not glamorous. We may drive hours to knock on the door of an important source. There are legal expenses and technology costs. But most of all, it takes a huge commitment from talented reporters and editors. One recent investigation cost the newsroom at least a quarter-million dollars. Yet we stay determined to do ambitious projects multiple times a year.

The Tampa Bay Times is owned by the Poynter Institute, a nonprofit journalism school.

Where your money goes

Money donated to our Investigative Fund directly helps us keep looking out for you and holding the powerful to account. The fund is administered by the Poynter Institute, a registered nonprofit, making donations tax deductible.

Donors get no special say in what we cover and no advanced notice about our reporting. Money in the Investigative Fund is spent by Times editors on the most important stories we can find.


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