Tampa Bay Times Journalism Fund

The Tampa Bay Times has served this community for more than 135 years. Along the way, our journalism has been honored with 12 Pulitzer Prizes.
To keep delivering top-notch journalism, we need your help.


Why your support matters

Our journalists keep you informed about your city, your schools, your taxes. They bring you news about local sports teams. They tell you what performers are coming our way, what restaurants are opening, and which ones are any good. They tell you how to make the most of your visits to theme parks. They share compelling stories about people who would otherwise go unnoticed.

They tell – in words, images and videos – the story of Tampa Bay.

Our newsroom is the biggest in Florida, but like others across the country, we have contracted over the last decade. This region is home to 3 million people, and we want to continue providing great coverage of our vibrant and growing community.

Many of our reporters have worked here for years. Many are native Floridians. This is home for all of us, just as it is for you. We care about our neighbors, our cities and our state.

Most newspapers in America have been bought up by corporate chains, with headquarters in some distant place. The Tampa Bay Times is a rare exception. Our roots are here. The Times is owned by the Poynter Institute, a nonprofit journalism school.

Hear from our newsroom

Where your money goes

Your support will help us pursue the stories that you’ve come to expect and appreciate in the Tampa Bay Times. And it will help us attract and retain talented journalists.

This Journalism Fund is administered by the Poynter Institute, so your donation is tax deductible.

Donors get no special say in what we cover and no advance notice about our reporting. Times editors spend the money on the stories and journalistic initiatives we think will be important to our readers and to our community. We want the Times to be a great asset for the Tampa Bay region. Thanks for your help.


Use the donate button above to pay online with PayPal. You can also pay by check. Checks should be made to the Poynter Institute. On the subject line, please write “Tampa Bay Times Journalism Fund”. Please mail checks to the following address:

Tampa Bay Times Journalism Fund
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801 3rd St S
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