Send us a confidential news tip

We have several channels that you can use to share confidential news tips and information with Tampa Bay Times investigative reporters. You can call us, email us, send us an encrypted message or send us postal mail. Some methods are more secure than others.

If you’d like reach our newsroom with other feedback, questions or story pitches, please use the Connect with Us page.

Call us

You can leave a message on our telephone tipline. It's best to provide a concise explanation of your news tip and a way to reach you.

Number: 727-892-2944

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Message us

You can use the free Signal app to send us encrypted messages. Signal only identifies users by their phone number and it does not save metadata associated with messages. Learn more about the service here. Download it here.

Number: 727-892-2944

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Email us

You can send emails to our tipline address.

Email: [email protected]

If you need extra security, you can use the PGP encryption software to encrypt your emails. Here are tutorials for using PGP on Windows and Mac. You can also use a service like Mailvelope for easier use through your internet browser.

PGP Fingerprint: 1AFB AD81 F8C5 901F 2A03 E899 6D73 1D22 AAD8 D670

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Mail us

You can always send us postal mail at our address below.


Tampa Bay Times Investigations Team

490 First Avenue South, Suite 400

St. Petersburg, FL 33701