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Jan. 9, 2010 — Fort Myers

Dion Maycock, 19, called 911 to alert police about a man with a gun walking down Canal Street.

Maycock was actually calling about himself. When Officers Christian Reynolds and Jay Rodriguez arrived just before 6 p.m., they spotted a man with something in his hand. Rodriguez thought it was a cell phone; Reynolds thought it was a weapon.

The officers said that Maycock quickly turned around toward them. Reynolds fired once, hitting Maycock in the shoulder. The object turned out to be a cell phone. Read more

Maycock also admitted to making a call a week earlier about a man with a gun. He was arrested for trespass in that incident.

Investigators said that Maycock was trying to establish a pattern of police harassment to elicit sympathy from his girlfriend.

This was the fourth police shooting in Florida in 2010.

Four days earlier, nine officers shot one person in Orlando .

Four days later, one officer shot one person in Greenwood .

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