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April 29, 2010 — Tampa

Steven Caponi, 45, walked into a Subway and ordered two sandwiches. Instead of paying, he demanded money, claiming that he had a gun in his jacket.

Next he tried to rob a Bank of America but got into a shoving match with an employee and fled.

Officers Joseph Beckers and Raymond Wurst confronted Caponi in the woods near a homeless camp. They said he jerked his hand toward his waistband and they feared he was reaching for a gun. Read more

Both officers fired, hitting him at least once and injuring him. No gun was found.

Caponi, released from state prison a month earlier, was on probation.

This was the 36th police shooting in Florida in 2010.

Five days earlier, two officers shot one person in Lehigh Acres .

Four days later, four officers shot one person in Hialeah .

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  1. Police thought Caponi, who was unarmed, was reaching for a weapon before shooting him. Thirty-eight unarmed people were shot when police said they saw them reach for something.

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