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Jan. 17, 2012 — Jacksonville

Craig Ruise, 17, was shot and killed by Jacksonville Sheriff's Officers William Irvin and Mark Campanaro during a robbery investigation.

Ruise was spotted by the two officers robbing a convenience store at gunpoint. When he stepped outside, the officers told him to drop the weapon and the stolen money.

Ruise refused and the officers opened fire, shooting seven or eight times, officials said. Ruise was killed, after which it was discovered that his weapon was a toy gun which had been spray-painted black. Read more

4 ways this case compares to others

  1. Officer Campanaro was involved in one other shooting from 2009 to 2014. Eighty-five officers were involved in more than one shooting during that time period.
  2. Ruise did not immediately comply with police instruction, a factor in nearly a quarter of shootings.
  3. Ruise was armed with a toy weapon. Only four other people were armed the same way.
  4. Ruise were suspected of being involved in an armed robbery. That's true in 1 of every 9 police .

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