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July 16, 2013 — St. Petersburg

On Tuesday, July 16, 2013, police officers responded to multiple calls of "shots fired" at the Dover Apartments.

Alyssa Dudley was found in her home with multiple gunshot wounds.

Officers identified the suspect as Dudley's ex-boyfriend, Carlos Crompton, as well a potential address. Officers Brian Burton, Joseph Heer and Edward Regan approached Crompton, 39, outside his parents' house on 14th Avenue S. Read more

Crompton reached into his car for a .38-caliber revolver. Crompton and Officers Heer and Burton fired nearly simultaneously. Crompton fell to the ground but continued to point his gun. The officers fired again.

Crompton died at the hospital from multiple gunshot wounds.

This was the 75th police shooting in Florida in 2013.

Seven days earlier, one officer shot one person in Jacksonville .

One day later, one officer shot one person in Tampa .

4 ways this case compares to others

  1. Crompton tried to kill someone before the shooting, according to police. That’s true only 3 percent of the time.
  2. Crompton was armed with a firearm. That’s true of almost half the people shot.
  3. Crompton was involved in a domestic disturbance, a factor in 115 cases.
  4. Crompton pointed a weapon at officers. Twenty-eight percent of shootings involved people who police say pointed a weapon at them.

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