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Jan. 9, 2012 — Lakeland

Police received reports of a man firing a gun and people running near an alley between Patterson and Park streets.

Officer Michael Robinson arrived and found George Dean, 65, in the alley waving a gun. Robinson yelled several times for Dean to drop the gun. Dean ignored Robinson's commands and walked toward him, pointing the gun in the officer's direction, according to reports.

Robinson fired three times, hitting Dean twice. Read more

Dean was taken to Lakeland Regional Medical Center for treatment. At the hospital, he tried to punch another officer and threatened to shoot him when he got out of jail, according to a use of force report.

Witnesses told police that Dean had been drinking earlier in the day and that he fired the gun at several people, including a boy on a skateboard, before police arrived.

Dean was sentenced to prison for aggravated assault with a weapon, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

Robinson's use of force was ruled justified.

This was the third police shooting in Florida in 2012.

One day earlier, one officer shot one person in Hallandale Beach .

One day later, two officers shot one person in Pompano Beach .

4 ways this case compares to others

  1. Dean was armed with a firearm. That’s true of almost half the people shot.
  2. Dean was shot after resisting arrest. A total of 114 people were shot while resisting arrest.
  3. Dean was drinking alcohol before being shot. That’s true in about 10 percent of police shootings.
  4. Dean pointed a weapon at officers. Twenty-eight percent of shootings involved people who police say pointed a weapon at them.

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