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April 29, 2012 — Naples

Just before 7 a.m. Sunday morning, Collier Deputy Kenneth Vila heard Jean Rosado trying to get into his house by breaking the glass on his back door.

Vila confronted Rosado, 20, who had a pair of pruning sheers. According to officials, Rosado said that he knew Vila was a sheriff's deputy and threatened to kill him. When Rosado continued toward him with the sheers, Vila shot him once in the upper chest, piercing a lung.

Rosado lived three doors away. His mother said that her son suffered from schizophrenia and had had a "meltdown" that day. Read more

Rosado had become violent just before the incident. She was surprised about the pruning sheers since all sharp objects are kept away from her son. She said they didn't own a pair.

Rosado was found guilty of armed burglary and sentenced to probation.

This was the 44th police shooting in Florida in 2012.

The same day, one officer shot one person in St. Petersburg .

Three days later, one officer shot one person in Hollywood .

2 ways this case compares to others

  1. Rosado was armed with a blade/stabbing implement. Only 80 other people were armed the same way.
  2. Rosado showed signs of mental instability. Almost a third of all shootings involved someone who appeared mentally unstable.

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