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Nov. 20, 2014 — Tallahassee

Myron May opened fire with a pistol at Florida State University's Strozier Library at about 12:30 a.m.

The 31-year-old lawyer and former FSU student shot a library employee at the front desk before heading outside where he shot two students.

Campus police arrived within minutes. May reloaded his .380 semi-automatic pistol and refused orders to drop the weapon. Campus police fired, killing May. Read more

Media reports said that more than 30 rounds were fired by May and officers. One of the students, shot three times, was paralyzed from the waist down as a result of his injury.

In the months leading up to the shooting, friends had tried to get help for May, who was exhibiting signs of mental deterioration.

They were told he did not qualify for involuntary admission. The shooting prompted a debate over whether the Florida Legislature should enact a law that would allow concealed weapons on state university campuses.

This was the 110th police shooting in Florida in 2014.

Two days earlier, two officers shot one person in Dunedin .

Two days later, three officers shot one person in Eustis .

5 ways this case compares to others

  1. May fired shots at police, which happened in 15 percent of shootings.
  2. May tried to kill someone before the shooting, according to police. That’s true only 3 percent of the time.
  3. May was armed with a firearm. That’s true of almost half the people shot.
  4. May told someone that he wanted officers to kill him. That preceded 10 percent of police shootings.
  5. May showed signs of mental instability. Almost a third of all shootings involved someone who appeared mentally unstable.

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