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Feb. 1, 2011 — Miramar

On foot patrol after dark, Miramar Police Officers Michael Bolduc and Damaso Espiritusanto observed the Hilaire brothers through a window, apparently cutting and packaging crack cocaine.

It was decided that several officers would approach the brothers' apartment. Before that happened, Hedson and Herson Hilaire left the building and got into Herson's Honda.

As police approached, they say Herson veered the car toward Officer Mark Moretti, knocking him to the ground. Moretti and three other officers opened fire. Read more

Hedson, 33, was caught in the crossfire. Hit six times, he died in the passenger seat.

Herson, 28, jumped from the car and ran about 20 feet before he was shot and killed by Officers Moretti, Espiritusanto and Bosco Neuhaus.

SWAT units that later searched the townhouse found drug paraphernalia. Two years later, a grand jury ruled the killings justified.

The report stated that officers "unintentionally injured and killed Hedson Hilaire while using justifiable deadly force against Herson Hilaire."

This was the 14th police shooting in Florida in 2011.

One day earlier, one officer shot one person in Tampa .

One day later, four officers shot one person in Holmes .

3 ways this case compares to others

  1. Hilaire was shot after injuring an officer with a vehicle. That's extremely rare; it happened only 20 times.
  2. Officers shot 49 bullets. The average was eight.
  3. Hilaire and 94 other people who police shot reportedly drove at an officer.

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