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Sep. 1, 2012 — Treasure Island

Authorities got a tip about 5 a.m. that rape suspect Gregory Johns was at a beach motel.

Deputies found Johns, 43, barricaded inside the bathroom in a room at the Trails End Motel. He yelled that he would kill any officer who attempted to arrest him.

As deputies prepared to enter, Johns flung open the door and lunged at them with a knife. Read more

Deputies Claudio Dimundo and Eric Turner each fired five times, killing him.

Johns had disappeared earlier in the week after discovering that he had apparently impregnated his girlfriend's 11-year-old daughter. He was also the suspect in an armed robbery and the false imprisonment of a 78-year-old woman, both committed days before his death. Johns had an outstanding year-old warrant for a felony drug charge.

This was the 95th police shooting in Florida in 2012.

Four days earlier, two officers shot one person in Marianna .

One day later, two officers shot one person in Orlando .

3 ways this case compares to others

  1. Johns approached police in a threatening manner before being shot. That's true in almost 10% of police shootings.
  2. Officers shot 10 bullets. The average was eight.
  3. Johns was armed with a blade/stabbing implement. Only 80 other people were armed the same way.

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