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June 4, 2012 — Greenacres

Deputes were called to a trailer park in unincorporated Greenacres about a domestic disturbance.

At about 7 p.m., they found Deglis Quintana, 37, dead on the ground, apparently killed by her boyfriend, Armando Gonzalez Felipe, 39.

Authorities said that Felipe was quickly tracked down near Jog Road but fled as deputies approached. He doubled back and was hiding near a hole in a concrete wall when a K-9 and deputies spotted him. Read more

Felipe shot K-9 Kenzo twice and sprayed roughly 40 rounds at the deputies, wounding Lt. Richard Burdick in the thigh.

Burdick and K-9 handler Deputy Rich Klaysmat returned fire, killing Felipe.

This was the 57th police shooting in Florida in 2012.

Two days earlier, four officers shot one person in West Palm Beach .

Two days later, one officer shot one person in Orlando .

7 ways this case compares to others

  1. Gonzalez Felipe was shot after killing someone. Just five percent of shootings started with a homicide.
  2. Gonzalez Felipe was shot after injuring an officer. That was true in 8 percent of shootings.
  3. Gonzalez Felipe fired shots at police, which happened in 15 percent of shootings.
  4. Gonzalez Felipe was armed with a firearm. That’s true of almost half the people shot.
  5. Gonzalez Felipe was involved in a domestic disturbance, a factor in 115 cases.
  6. Gonzalez Felipe was fleeing from police or a crime scene, which is true in a quarter of shootings.
  7. Officers was chasing Gonzalez Felipe on foot before shooting him. Officers shot 105 people during foot pursuits.

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