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Dec. 18, 2010 — Orlando

On Dec. 18, 2010, two police officers in an unmarked car spotted a Ford Expedition with windows tinted beyond the legal limit.

They tried to pull the SUV over but the driver kept going. The SUV slowed enough for the passenger, Marvin Ellison, to jump out.

Officer Randall Pennington pursued Ellison, 27, on foot while Officer Shawn Shaouni drove alongside. Police say Ellison pointed a handgun toward Shaouni, who ducked and accelerated toward Ellison, hitting him with the car's bumper. Read more

Ellison bounced off the hood, landed on his feet and again pointed his gun toward Shaouni.

Officer Pennington then fired two rounds at Ellison, striking him once in the left upper buttock.

The driver of the Ford abandoned it about half a mile away.

Ellison was initially found incompetent to stand trial in 2010 but pleaded no contest to most of the counts in 2012 and is now in prison for a minimum of three years.

This was the 106th police shooting in Florida in 2010.

Two days earlier, two officers shot two people in Stuart .

Three days later, one officer shot one person in Jacksonville .

7 ways this case compares to others

  1. Officer Pennington was involved in one other shooting from 2009 to 2014. Eighty-five officers were involved in more than one shooting during that time period.
  2. Officers approached Ellison after he was suspected of committing a minor crime. That’s true in 1 of every 12 cases.
  3. Ellison was one of 36 people shot in the back by police.
  4. Ellison was armed with a firearm. That’s true of almost half the people shot.
  5. Officers was chasing Ellison on foot before shooting him. Officers shot 105 people during foot pursuits.
  6. Ellison pointed a weapon at officers. Twenty-eight percent of shootings involved people who police say pointed a weapon at them.
  7. This shooting came after officers pulled over Ellison for a traffic violation. Seventy-seven cases began with a traffic stop.

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