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Sep. 4, 2009 — Marianna

Marianna Police Officer Bliss Moreau attempted a traffic stop on Mark Anthony Daniels around 7:20 p.m. Daniels, 31, had already fled a previous stop.

After Moreau blocked Daniels' car, he got out of his cruiser and headed toward Daniels with his weapon drawn. Daniels ignored orders to turn off the Chevy Suburban so Moreau tried to reach through the driver's window to turn off the ignition.

Daniels allegedly said he was not going back to jail and accelerated, banging Moreau's arm against the window frame. Read more

The Suburban hit the officer's patrol car. After a series of maneuvers and attempts to shoot out Daniels' tires, Moreau felt he was in danger of being run over and fired directly at the SUV.

Daniels drove away but eventually crashed into a pole.

He was found slumped over the steering wheel and was pronounced dead at the hospital. He had been hit by one round.

This was the 95th police shooting in Florida in 2009.

Three days earlier, one officer shot one person in North Miami Beach .

16 days later, one officer shot one person in Jacksonville .

5 ways this case compares to others

  1. Daniels did not immediately comply with police instruction, a factor in nearly a quarter of shootings.
  2. Daniels was shot after injuring an officer. That was true in 8 percent of shootings.
  3. Daniels was one of 25 people who were shot after telling someone that he wouldn't go to jail or back to prison.
  4. Daniels and 94 other people who police shot reportedly drove at an officer.
  5. This shooting came after an officer pulled over Daniels for a traffic violation. Seventy-seven cases began with a traffic stop.

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