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July 8, 2013 — Tallahassee

Glenn Briggs was suspected of shooting to death Vikitha Briggs, his 44-year-old estranged wife, and Johnny Graham, a 57-year-old North Carolina man, outside of a Panama City hotel.

Leon County deputies received an alert that Briggs, 51, was heading east on Interstate 10. They were also told that he made comments about suicide by cop.

Around 2 a.m., state troopers and sheriff's deputies pulled over Briggs. A shot fired from inside his car shattered the driver's window, which was darkly tinted. Read more

Trooper Justin Davis and Deputy Javier Vides returned fire. It was later determined that Briggs was hit in the chest and also had a wound to the head.

It is not clear from the FDLE investigative report if Briggs shot himself in the head or if that was the fatal wound.

This was the 73rd police shooting in Florida in 2013.

Three days earlier, one officer shot one person in Pensacola .

One day later, one officer shot one person in Jacksonville .

5 ways this case compares to others

  1. Briggs was shot after killing someone. Just five percent of shootings started with a homicide.
  2. Briggs was armed with a firearm. That’s true of almost half the people shot.
  3. Briggs was fleeing from police or a crime scene, which is true in a quarter of shootings.
  4. Briggs showed signs of mental instability. Almost a third of all shootings involved someone who appeared mentally unstable.
  5. This shooting came after officers pulled over Briggs for a traffic violation. Seventy-seven cases began with a traffic stop.

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